Profile Id: EITS92831 Groom Temp
Name : Rabia Rana
Father Name : M. A. Hameed {Whole Sale Trader (Foot Wear) and Real Estate}
Age : 24yrs
Colour : Fair
Height : 5ft 7in 170cm
Education : MBA in HR & Marketing (Masters)
Income : 00 /- PM
Religion / Caste : Sunni Muslim / Ahle Sunnat
Marriage : 1st

About Her


We are in search of a suitable alliance for our daughter.She is a kind, humble, and creative individual who spreads positivity and warmth wherever she goes.
She is religious, Namazi.
she cherishes family values and embraces life's journey with unwavering optimism. A blend of traditional values and modern sensibilities, she seeks a life partner who values mutual respect, understanding, and companionship.

Physical Status: Normal

Partner Preference


We are seeking an alliance from India who is an Engineer, Business man

Contact Details

Address, City

Chatta Bazaar, Hyderabad

State, Country

Telangana, India

Contact Person: Father
96763 95507 8985245507

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Date of Placement: 19-02-2024

Date of Expiry: 18-08-2024

Validity: Six Months

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