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Benefits of Franchise:

  • You have scope to grow your prosperity with where success and Income goes hand in hand.
  • Complete training will be provided to meet up the clients requirements. Online training is provided for new updates.
  • Working under the brand name will give you good exposures in the market.
  • We give Excellence Awards & Certificate for best franchisees.
  • Weekly reviews to keep you updated with new areas of business.
  • Complete transparency in relation to business payouts.
  • Your location will be displayed on website and Ads.

Terms & Conditions:

  • We may appoint any number of Franchisees as required on business considerations which may include the territory/area/locality same as your operation.
  • You will have to bear with us, if any technical problems arises (whose chances are very less).
  • While registering members under you, Members should know that their profiles will be listed on Site.
  • Franchisee should not pass on any information to other agencies which is detrimental to business of
  • You will be solely responsible to customers for any money claims.
  • Matrimonial Services remains the final decision maker for any disputes.
  • Prior written permission must be taken from before doing other activities not mentioned above.
  • You will have to submit Accounts to Head Office everyday.

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